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Laymans SelPiBioThis report is dedicated to "non-experts" to understand in a few pages the assumptions, objectives and results of the SelpiBioLife Project.





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The infographic is a visual dissemination technique used to represent a specific content with images and pictures and a reduced amount of words and sentences. In order to explain the main features of the "selective thinning" proposed by the SelPiBio LIFE project for the artificial black pine plantations, an infographic is here proposed.

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Manuale SelPiBio EN Ottobre 2016 bThis publication describes the objectives and the silvicultural treatments proposed by the Project SelPiBioLife for black pine plantations of the Italian Apennines.

The proposed silvicultural treatment is a thinning method that aims at optimizing the stand characteristics. In particular, the thinning enhances the overall mechanical stability (protective function), the tree growth rate (productive function) and the structural differentiation (biodiversity function).

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